Office Link

Office Link creates one secure solution for easy company-wide remote access to web-based, intranet and office applications. It allows you to remove existing VPN clients ( Cisco or Checkpoint, for example ) and still have a secure, trusted link to your corporate LAN.

What Are The Benefits?

Office Link makes mobile working both secure and cost-effective. It's the ideal high-security mobile access solution for large enterprises. Remote devices are connected to your LAN where they have the same security policies applied to them as your typical desktop machine. You get:

  • Secure remote access via our Mobile Broadband network to your email, calendar, intranet and other company assets
  • High-performance over leased line or IP VPN from T-Mobile to your LAN
  • Unique extra levels of authentication - Office Link verifies not just user passwords but also the device SIM card before granting connections. We can even pass the authentication off to your RADIUS service if you wish.
  • Highly competitive range of pricing and allowances suited to different business applications
  • Office Link is hugely flexible and works with any device: users can access the corporate network using any laptop with a PC Card; many existing handsets can be used as a modem to connect a laptop PC via infrared, Bluetooth or USB cable; and Pocket PC enabled PDAs and many other specialist business devices can also be used.

There's even a resilient option which can offer high availability and fail-over between sites using multiple leased lines, if you need that for your organisation.

Plus, there's the support and operational efficiencies that come with creating one seamless IT security policy that incorporates mobile access.

Office Link can support on-board telematics equipment for sophisticated fleet management; link with warehouse applications via MDAs; support field service operations; or enable simple network access for sales teams and other key workers.

Leave The Design And Integration To Us!

We'll work with you to design the service precisely for your needs. We'll look at projected traffic to make sure we specify the the right hardware capacity and we'll project manage the installation from design to final user acceptance testing.

Technical Details & Compatibility

LAN Connection

Either: Dedicated leased line to customer LAN with speeds ranging from 2 - 10 Mbits/sec, for maximum security and minimum management

Or: IP VPN connection via the customer's ISP - providing secure IPsec topology for small to medium size customers. Customer data is encrypted end to end using 168 bit Triple DES

Office Link does not require specialised client software running on the mobile device, so there are no device operating system compatibility issues. If the device works with the standard T-Mobile Web'n'Walk service, it will work with Office Link.

T-Mobile's Office Link service is available over the T-Mobile broadband network wherever there is coverage - currently 99.6% for GPRS and approaching 90% for 3G/HSDPA. The service is also available to roaming users on T-Mobile partner networks.

Advanced Security
Users can be validated either by your company's existing server, if AAA compatible, or using one hosted by T-Mobile.

When used via an internet connection, Office Link uses IPsec with Triple DES encryption for additional security.