Business Energy

Providing energy savings for 28 years. It takes just minutes to save
thousands of pounds & protect your business against future rate rises

Business Gas and Electricity

Our Cortel Energy Consultancy offers a completely free account management service for all business gas and electricity requirements. We work to save you time and money by improving the energy efficiency and running costs for your business.

Cortel is an independent energy consultancy offering impartial advice that not only finds you the best deals, but also helps you bring down your energy consumption which makes you greener too.

We work closely with energy suppliers to ensure we offer very competitive prices, plus our tailored service allows you to carry on with your day to day tasks. We specialise in helping all sized companies in a variety of different sectors, including charities and non-profit organisations, to achieve the right price for their energy usage.

How we can help your business:

  • Electricity and Gas Procurement
  • Ongoing Bill Validation
  • Cost Recovery
  • Full Account Management
  • Query Resolution

Our Approach

We offer a free business utility health check by analysing your energy invoices to get an understanding of your usage and current energy rates. We then create a proposal that will be best suited for your business.

You will have a designated account manager who will be your point of contact and will be happy to help with any queries you may have throughout your contract. Our company policy is to contact you in advance of your next renewal so you will not be rolled over or placed on deemed rates.

Why Change Now?

Worldwide energy costs are volatile. An event on the other side of the planet may seem to have no effect on the UK but that is not always the case. For instance where a crisis in a country on another continent to us where their economy looks very likely to default on payments to their main trading partners. If this happens then the price of oil worldwide will go up substantially. In a short time that would then result in a rise in UK energy costs. This would mean a rise in UK energy retail prices. When you agree to new terms through Cortel, your prices are fixed for the whole contract term so you would not feel the effect of any price increases.

For a FREE Utility Health Check call 020 7247 0101 or email

Will there be any disruption to my supply?
No, there will be no disruption. Energy is supplied to your meter from the National Grid. The transition is seamless and the only difference will be the amount you pay and the supplier’s logo on your bill.
Do I need to contact my current supplier?
No. Cortel will deal with the entire transfer process on your behalf. We really will save you time and money!
What information does Cortel need from me?
All we need is a copy of your latest gas and electricity bill. We will use this to analyse your usage and current rates, and then provide you with a no-obligation quotation.
Can I arrange one supplier for all my sites?
Yes, we work with the suppliers to consolidate multi sites to one supplier, with one contract end date. This makes your energy portfolio easier to manage whilst giving you a cheaper price as the suppliers take the entire consumption into consideration.
How much does the service cost?
Our service is completely free and impartial. we receive an introductory fee from the supplier you choose so you pay no additional costs.
Can I claim money back from over paid bills?
Yes, we can run bill audits going back 6 years. If you have been overcharged in the past we can claim the money back for you.
With Cortel you get:

99% coverage of UK


Dedicated account manager


24/7 business client care


Business email to your phone


Handset upgrade after month 12

All you need to do is get a bill and call our energy team on 0207 247 0101