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Data Options:

We will always ensure that we assess your specific requirements and that we recommend the best product for your usage pattern. This will make you work more efficiently and keep future costs under control.

Broadly, data connections for business come in two main categories.

1) Dedicated (Leased Line)

Service not oversold and always available on demand.

2) Shared (Broadband)

Service is not dedicated and is oversold by a factor of 10:1 or 20:1.

Dedicated Services: (Leased Lines)

These are usually the same download and upload speeds.
Dedicated services are for businesses that rely on the internet for their businesses to function. Dedicated services are available on demand and always offer a constant speed.

1) Fibre Ethernet (Leased Line)

The top end of high speed dedicated internet services with speeds possible of up to 10 Gigabits per second depending on requirements. This is the best service for dedicated internet usage.

2) EFM - (Ethernet in the First Mile)

Based on copper from the exchange with speeds up to 20Mbps download and upload. Performance degrades on line distance. This is normally only installed if the cost of fibre is too difficult.

Dedicated services come with high service level agreements and uptime guarantees. Pricing starts from as low as £285 per month and this cost can be shared with other companies in your vicinity. Sharing could bring the price of a dedicated fibre leased line with 100 meg down to £40 per month. We love to install in multi occupation buildings!

Shared Service Options: (Broadband)


Low cost standard broadband services. Speeds depend on the distance from the exchange and range from 2Mb – 20Mb download and 0.2Mb – 2Mb upload speeds, depending on the distance from the nearest exchange.

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)

This is usually the best option for small businesses and consumers who want a superior service. It is a faster version of ADSL and can reach speeds of up to 80Mb download and up to 20Mb upload if available in your area.

With Cortel you get:


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