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Embrace cloud technology and enjoy the benefits VoIP offers with knowledgeable Cortel support

In business today it is more important than ever to understand customer behaviour and adapt your product accordingly. Industry experts estimate that small and medium size businesses lose up to 20% of time through ineffective communications.

Advances in telecommunications mean that it is possible to integrate many different processes, making them far more effective and capable of using many different devices in different locations.

Cortel has the experience and the expertise to enable you to use the full-service potential of the new products available in the market.


VoIP (Voice over the Internet Protocol) is a fantastic product as long as it is deployed and managed by a company that understands the technology. Cortel will ensure that your experience will be first class and full of huge advantages in service and substantial reductions in your costs. With the right connectivity, the reliability is accepted as considerably better than an ISDN line with uptime of 99.98% for a fibre connection.

Cortel will show you how flexible the process can be and how it can be scaled up with no capital outlay.  We can explain how VoIP can make you more flexible. Offering the advantages of full system features like recording and redirecting for remote working and therefore giving you full control whether home or at an international location.  All this can work on a full range of mobile devices and is achieved with no capital expense plus a monthly reduction in your costs.

Because Cortel use IP Restriction, point-to-point encryption and a robust secure network, the systems supplied by Cortel will always be secure.

Work at remote locations with your office features and number:

  • Number portability
  • Free calls to UK and mobile networks
  • No capital outlay
  • Easy to scale up or down with minimum cost
  • Feature rich; Recording, Call queuing, Redirecting, Auto Attendant
  • Personalised Voicemail, Mobile Apps, Soft Phone
  • Plus many more

With Cortel you get:


99% coverage of UK


Dedicated account manager


24/7 business client care


Business email to your phone

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