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Not enough network capacity. Lack of service from the providers. Confusing number of different mobile accounts making control of devices and costs almost impossible. Systems not able to cope with the continuing growth from Innocean. Disparate band of providers meaning different devices would not communicate with each other smoothly. Confusion over who to contact when there were problems with the various elements of the network. Poor cost control.

The solution

In 2015 Cortel were appointed to look after the Business Mobile account for Innocean worldwide. Soon after Cortel were then tasked to rationalise their fixed line telecoms and data connectivity. This is of course integral to a company like Innocean. There were different mobile accounts and multiple, confusing invoices every month. The biggest challenge for the business was getting the right level of service to manage the expectations of their large mobile fleet. Cortel proposed having all connections on one account and one invoice per month. In addition to negotiating the best tariff and handsets, our tech team were on site to assist users with data transfers and set up their new devices allowing the IT department to focus on more important aspects of their business.

Cortel was then tasked with finding a cost- effective solution for data. Innocean had fibre but it was only 10 Meg with low bandwidth connection. Their incumbent provider had suggested that they could not increase the bandwidth on the current circuit and would need a separate fibre connection circuit with extra setup and installation costs. Even after the second circuit was installed it did not meet their growing requirements. Cortel were contacted to provide consultation regarding their connection problems.

Cortel were able to provide the connectivity Innocean needed and create a totally reliable and efficient system.

After careful considerations of the current requirements and future growth of their business Cortel organised 200Mb bandwidth fibre connection with future scope to increase of up to 1Gb if needed. This would future proof the connectivity side of the business. Cortel also considered the possibility of this new 200Mb fibre connection for IP voice solution usability by provisioning the fibre service as a converged connection (voice & data use). Cortel achieved this by partitioning voice from data with Q o S guaranteed for the IP telephony use. Even with the huge increase in capacity, they also managed to make substantial cost savings.

The Innocean client service department had an urgent requirement for extensive call reporting and call recording. Innocean had a standard Avaya PBX system and when they looked at enabling their system for this there were several problems. Limited features available and expensive. Cortel were asked to provide a cost effective, feature rich, easy to implement voice solution which would meet the specific requirement and also provide long term saving.

Cortel reviewed the case and after careful considerations suggested a hosted voice solution (VoIP) for Innocean. After explaining the benefits and a live demonstration of the hosted solution, Innocean decided to go ahead with the recommendations. Senior staff members needed a product that enabled flexible working, so we set up their landline extension number on their mobile handsets via a mobile integrated SIP client and gave them the ability to log onto their system from home. We also installed a leading call reporting facility.

Cortel project managed the whole implementation, with the actual installation done over the weekend by our engineers to ensure there was no downtime. Cortel provided training for all users and administrators so they were able to get the most from their new IP handsets and new conference calling facility. Once completed we had our tech team go in and were on site for any additional support which may have been required. Throughout the implementation period the original system was still live so there was no chance of any downtime at all.

Innocean comment after the work

“We were thoroughly impressed with the entire process from sales to implementation. It was seamless. At no time were we put under pressure but the project was moved along at a good pace that suited us and the disruption was minimal”

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