Special Offer

FREE surveys, FREE installation, FREE comprehensive training, FREE on-going maintenance

Everyone is talking about VoIP but the process and options are very confusing. So Cortel has developed a special offer. We will send you a quote by email simply by looking at your basic information.

We will confirm what products are available in your area and what the best rates are. If you are looking at a new Leased Line we will also get you a much lower quote than your current line and in addition supply the following:

  • A FREE survey – Most resellers are charging for surveys
  • FREE installation – Most resellers are charging for installation
  • Full training, not just an hour or two, FREE of charge. Most resellers are charging extra for comprehensive training
  • FREE maintenance – Many resellers also charge for Maintenance or only offer the first year free Cortel will include this for the entire length of the contract

Cortel will supply the best testimonials and references from well-known companies for delivery spanning 28 years.

Which products are you considering?
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