Wide portfolio covering Unified Communication to traditional calls and lines

Voice telecoms is sometimes all you need or want. Cortel will always consider whether unified communications is an advantage for you. Voice has been the core of telecommunications since they began. Today this can take different forms, from the traditional Calls and lines. There are:

  • ISDN 2 & ISDN 30
  • Voice over Internet (VoIP) Protocol
  • SIP Trunks for IP systems
  • Telephony systems

Businesses today expect more from their fixed line telephone systems. Cortel has a dedicated team to look at your specific requirements and implement the best option for your needs.

Rentals and Minutes

Our approach is to improve service, costs and reliability. Cortel will analyse current usage trends and implement changes that will provide immediate savings and improve the accessibility to new products that will enhance your systems. This will not require any physical changes to your equipment but will give you the ability to control costs much more efficiently.

We always start with a meeting to cover what your aspirations are and where you might be having problems whether that is from service or just runaway costs. Next we carry out an audit and, if required, a survey. The next step is recommendations and we will then start the process of implementing the improvements. This can take hours or months depending of a number of factors but the end result will be vastly improved telecoms.


Cortel was one of the first providers to offer VoIP. We soon realised that it was not as simple as the carriers had made out. BT offered a system that left the wholly important process of connectivity entirely up to the user. We considered this to be a huge mistake and so began to work with carriers that made the quality of the connection an integral feature of the process. We soon saw that we had a product that now offered a complete solution to traditional telephony but with far more features at a much lower cost. Today we can confirm that most experts in the field would consider properly installed VoIP as more reliable than traditional systems. The many advantages of VoIP are covered in our data section.


SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is essentially the way that ISDN lines are getting replaced by a digital connection over a data line. It is very important that when SIP is used the connectivity is upgraded to meet the demand. Cortel has from the launch of these products always provided the data lines together with SIP to guarantee that the service is as good as it can be.

SIP trunks will offer very significant cost savings and are regarded as totally reliable when installed by a professional company. This can be done with minimal disruption to any existing services.


Fixed telephony systems offer the ultimate business communications device whether for Unified comms or networked through associate offices. Modern IP based installations are often the only solution for larger organisations. Cortel partners with the leading brands in the UK and will always recommend the most suitable product.

We offer Mitel, Samsung & Panasonic Systems with connectivity and full maintenance contracts.

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