Hotel IT Support

Complete hotel technology solutions and dedicated IT support from Cortel

24 hours a day, seven days a week, guests expect only the highest standards of service from your modern hotel, making elements like fast, secure, and reliable hotel WiFi, and state-of-the-art Property Management Systems (PMS) vital to your success.

Add those elements to the already-complex ecosystem of networks, servers, software and hardware that is your IT infrastructure, and keeping your mission-critical technology performing at its best becomes a serious challenge – a challenge that you simply must overcome if you’re to meet the demands of today’s hotel guests.

Dedicated hotel IT support from Cortel empowers you to do just that:

How Can Cortel Help You?

Along with our remote access IT support to troubleshoot and resolve common day-to-day problems, Cortel’s hotel IT specialists can also provide complete planning, deployment, maintenance and support services for all of the following:

New Build Hotel IT projects

Modern technology lies at the very heart of any new build hotel, but if your project is going to be truly successful -not to mention cost effective- than that technology needs to be integrated into your plans right from the word ‘go.’

By working with Cortel to design and deploy a comprehensive IT infrastructure for your hotel, you’re guaranteed maximum return on your investment in new technology with no fuss, stress, or complications.

From liaising with world-class hardware and software providers to secure the best possible value for money to planning and development network and server rooms, installing the latest Hotel PMS software and CRM solutions to post-launch support available 24/7/365, we complete project management solutions structured to suit your long-term business goals.

Network Cabling & Comms Room Setup

The very lifeforce that drives your hotel’s entire IT infrastructure, your server room is vital to your success, but that doesn’t mean it has to cost you a fortune or take up all your time in monitoring and maintenance.

At Cortel, we work with you to create server rooms and cable management solutions that minimise clutter and complications and leave you with a speedy, solid, and secure infrastructure that ensures both guests and employees alike enjoy peak efficiency from your technology at all times.

We can provide full, hands on support with:

  1. Full cable deployment for AV, security solutions, communications
  2. Design and build of brand new comms rooms, including deployment of comms racks and critical hardware
  3. Working with our industry-leading partners to source the best possible deals on third-party software.
  4. Round-the-clock monitoring of your entire server setup, with dedicated support on hand 24/7/365.
Hotel Smart TVs

From the latest Samsung TV technologies to bespoke in-room entertainment systems delivering everything from movies, music, and TV shows to Internet, gaming and even hotel services, our cutting edge iptv solutions ensure your hotel delivers the ultimate guest experience.

Fully customisable to include your branding, bespoke menus, and even video advertising, we can even work with you to create ane entire information channel dedicated to your hotel, your services, and nearby amenities.

Hotel WIFI

Access to secure, reliable, high-speed WiFi is no longer a luxury – it’s an integral part of the modern hotel experience that your guests expect every much as they expect comfortable beds and hot showers.

Keep those guests talking about your hotel for all the right reasons with our fully scalable WiFi solutions powered by cutting edge SmartMesh technology.

With prices tailored to suit your usage and requirements, our Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) can be deployed rapidly and put to work immediately in ensuring that both guests and employees alike enjoy all the speed, security, and performance they need in today’s always-online society.

Worried about guests hogging all your bandwidth when staff need to access your cloud-based CRM?

Talk to Cortell about tiered hotel WIfI solutions, with one basic-access network for guests, another with access to higher bandwidth for staff and management, and even premium WIFI networks for guests to help you increase revenues.

Hotel Telephony

Did you know that you could be paying decidedly less for your hotel’s telephone communications and even pass on lower international call-rates to your guests without compromising on call quality or availability?

With Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony from Cortel, you’ll not only enjoy lower calls, but improved efficiency as a result of better internal communications systems.

Our internet-based phone solutions even employ the latest line-hunting technology and simple-to-use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology to improve guest experiences when customers contact you via telephone, simple to use control panels tailored to your business needs, and -as with all of our hotel IT services- access to rapid response support available 24/7/365.

We can also provide full installation, maintenance, and support solutions for: 

  • Hotel Music Systems
  • Hotel Key Cards and access control
  • Hotel PMS
  • Econcierge Solutions
  • Fibre Optic Internet for Hotels.

How Your Business Benefits from Cortel’s Hotel IT Support

Delivered around the clock by highly experienced, highly qualified professionals, your integrated, end-to-end IT service is fully scalable to meet the exact requirements of your hotel and your guests, so you only ever pay for what you need.

Combined with remote access IT support available around the clock, this flexible approach and professional service ultimately means that your business enjoys all the benefits of hiring your own on-site support staff, with none of the added costs and logistical challenges involved.

Partnering with Cortel, you’ll also receive:

  • Access to 24/7 IT support anywhere in the UK thanks to our cutting-edge remote access technology and nationwide network of skilled engineers.
  • Round-the-Clock network monitoring to identify potential threats to your infrastructure and significantly reduce the time it takes to fix issues.
  • Guaranteed rapid response and the majority of issues resolved at first point of contact.
  • The highest levels of technical excellence and industry expertise from our Apple and Microsoft certified IT support engineers.
  • Enhanced hotel IT security to protect your data, ensure compliance with data security laws, and avoid the negative consequences that a cyber attack could have on your business.
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery planning, strategy and implementation, including off-site backup solutions and data restoration within five minutes to guarantee effortless business continuity.
  • Reduced IT operating costs, leading to long-term increases in your revenues.
  • The freedom to finally focus on delivering five-star customer experiences without having to worry whether you’ve got the technology to support your business growth.

Free Hotel IT Health Check

If it’s been awhile since you last invested in your IT infrastructure, you may not be aware of just how much your hotel could be saving simply by upgrading out-of-date systems or replacing poorly performing hardware.

To help you find out, Cortel offer a comprehensive hotel IT health check completely free of charge, with absolutely no obligations.

Every aspect of your infrastructure, from vital networks and cabling to desktop machines and even software packages, is accounted for and analysed by our team to ensure that it is delivering both optimum performance and maximum R.O.I.

Where it isn’t, we’ll make recommendations on how you can make  improvements which  ultimately lead to improved guest experiences, more repeat bookings, and long-term business growth.

With Cortel you get:


99% coverage of UK


Dedicated account manager


24/7 business client care


Business email to your phone

To book your free hotel IT health check, or to discover how our range of IT support services can help your business to meet the expectations of modern guests, call us today on 0333 240 8111.