Unified Solutions

The latest services including advanced IP based networks

Unified Communications is the integration of all your business communications including desk phones to mobile, web, chat, document sharing, desktop sharing and landline features.

Unifying your business communications allows for tremendous flexibility and enables your staff to improve efficiency and availability around the clock allowing you to keep productivity levels high.

Cortel is one of the most experienced unified communications suppliers in the UK. We work with customers to ensure all devices are working in harmony. The main network providers have been offering this to their customers for many years but just ask any sizeable company that has experience of the network unified products, and in 95% of cases they will confirm that it has always missed the mark. In many cases it has been an unmitigated disaster, as well as expensive. Cortel will only use products that are the best in class and we make sure that we actually deliver.

Your team will be able to:
  • Collaborate better
  • Share better
  • Be available more often
  • Have the information they need when they need it
  • Have video / mobile/ phones via a single number
  • Share files, documents, CRM system integration, fixed/mobile convergence, conferencing email SMS and fax

By providing better tools to allow better communication, Cortel will bring your business far superior levels of productivity never seen before at a very low cost.

Cortel can unify your voice, phone system, internet, mobile, Microsoft/Apple desktops and Apple/Android smartphones together into one harmonious business communications estate.

With Cortel you get:


99% coverage of UK


Dedicated account manager


24/7 business client care


Business email to your phone

Don’t forget.

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