Bridge Renewal Trust

The Bridge Renewal Trust (BRT} is a charity based in Tottenham. We were set up in 2009 as a successor body to the Bridge New Deal for Communities (NDC} that led regeneration in Tottenham from 2000 - 2010. Our main purpose is to deliver practical ways that people can live healthier lives - thus playing our part in working towards reducing health inequalities.


BRT were using an old phone system which was on lease supplied by a third-party phone company.
• Using a Samsung phone system with ISDN lines across 3 sites. The second and third sites were using SIP lines.
• Our previous supplier also arranged the finance on the phone system and was also managing our maintenance and had arranged for our ISDN and SIP lines through another provider. We were unhappy with the service in almost all respects. There had been numerous occasions when the system would go down and an engineer was called out. Yet the problems would never seem to be resolved.
• As we are a charity, we are very conscious of keeping our costs at a manageable level; however, we were in a position where costs were spiralling out of control and this was a huge concern for our management team.
• We often rent out office space and the telephony service was being used by our clients, sometimes without our consent. We also we had no proper control over the usage, particularly outside of normal working hours.
• The previous phone system could not carry out many of the key functions that we required to keep all three offices in contact and record calls. As our organisation grew, we often needed to adjust the system relating to teams, group functions, messages, etc. The re-programming required additional engineer time which came at a cost.
• When we wanted to cease the lease contract as it was coming to the end of our lease agreement, the incumbent supplier told us that we needed to pay more than £4000 as a final payment.
• Another problem occurred with BT engineers coming on site and not doing the work required. We were fortunate Cortel were able to send their own engineer to be onsite to make sure they carried out the work as required

The Solution

• Cortel were managing our mobile phone account and offered to help with the system costs we were suffering. Cortel analysed our requirements and looked at the costs being incurred. They then offered a new cost effective solution which gave us far more functionality and created a huge saving against the current system and ISDN lines. This was a hosted solution from a leading carrier which gave us far more functionality and a new system for around a third of just the maintenance costs we had been paying.
• We are now able to lock the handsets and users need a pin to make outbound calls. Combined with the advanced call stats we could now charge the clients when outgoing calls were made and we have greater control over client usage.
• In addition to the increased functionality, the hosted phone system offered us a business continuity solution so if there is a power outage we can continue to work as normal. After the number of times the old Samsung system went down this was a huge relief.
• After studying our contract, Cortel advised us not pay our previous phone supplier as they had no right to charge for the system, saving us £4,000.
• Cortel provided on site installation across our 3 sites and arranged for on-site training for all users.
1. Cortel were able to guide us in the exit from our incumbent suppliers, providing advice for dealing with the current lease, the maintainer and fixed line supplier, which saved us money.
2. Cortel offered excellent advice in how to cancel the current agreement which was costing £2000 per month just for the maintenance.
3. Delivered the whole new system at a third of the monthly maintenance cost.
4. Supplied and installed the new phone system. Plus included all UK fixed-line &
mobile calls, training and maintenance at no extra cost.

In conclusion, not only are Cortel offering considerable cost savings but also the transition from our old system to where we are now has been handled seamlessly by Cortel Telecom. The project has been brought in under budget and on time. In addition, the Cortel Engineers always turned up at the allotted time booked and everything that has been promised by Cortel has been delivered.

Customers comments

The Facilities Manager extremely pleased with the whole project with their cost going down dramatically and the service brilliant

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